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Territory of Lies :: The Israeli-Occupied Hearing on Alleged Iranian Terror...

"During the hearing, the Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, Peter King, called for all Iranian diplomats at the UN to be “kicked out” of the United States for spying. That evening, his provocative statement was given traction through a live interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, who apparently just wanted to know “what’s goin’ on here?” The sincerity of Blitzer’s seemingly ingenuous concern about Iranian espionage on American soil is undermined somewhat by the fact that he was once editor of Near East Report, AIPAC’s bi-weekly newsletter, before serving 17 years with the Jerusalem Post, during which time he authored a sympathetic book on Jonathan Pollard. The title of that “slick piece of damage control” – Territory of Lies – would be a fitting description for the Israeli-occupied hearing on alleged Iranian terror."

Deny! Deny!

"Any talk about the Jewish State leads inevitably to the question: What are the Jews – a nation or a religion?...Official Israeli doctrine says that “Jewish” is both a national and a religious definition. The Jewish collective, unlike any other, is both national and religious. With us, nation and religion are one and the same....The only door of entry to this collective is religious. There is no national door."

Disappeared on a Ukraine train :: Mossad snatches Gaza’s power plant...

"The Israeli media, on the other hand, have speculated that Abu Sisi must be a senior Hamas activist to have secured an important post at the plant. The family have denied the claim, saying he was not involved in any political faction and was appointed because of his skills as an engineer....The Association of Civil Rights in Israel, which sought the removal of the gag order, said in its petition to the court: “It is inconceivable that the authorities in a democratic country be able to secretly arrest people and ‘vanish’ them from the public eye.”

Major transition

"Although the current trend of protests demanding democratic transition is new to the Middle East, it has been a significant trend in Mediterranean Europe and Latin America during the seventies and eighties, and literature has accumulated since, with comparative analyses of the dynamics of these democratisation processes."

The World is no Golem

"The entire world is against these settlements, which are manifestly illegal under international law. Even the US has demanded a freeze. Can the US veto a resolution that expresses its own policy, without becoming a laughing stock?"