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Symbolism isn’t Everything…But it is Something

"Israel...does not like the positive attention such recognitions generate. It does not like that there are countries who pledge their commitment to a Palestinian state regardless of Israel's claims that this can only happen as a result of negotiations. It does not like the fact that more and more countries and leaders are exposing the lie of Israel's peace claims. The Palestinians have said it for years, even as they continued to negotiate with the other side. Israel does not want a just peace, it never has. Facts speak for themselves and the condition of Palestine today is as solid evidence as ever."

Seeing through the smokescreen

"...the real issue is not even whether the talks are on or off. That is just what Israel wants the world to think because it is safer for them to cast blame on the Palestinians than admit to the world that they have no interest whatsoever in making peace with their “neighbors.” What many fail to see is that Israel’s “peace negotiations” are nothing but a smokescreen. When someone like Regev accuses the Palestinians of refusing to sit at the table with them and “make peace” he understands completely that there is no “peace to be made”, just a “mirage” – to use his own words – to fool others into thinking Israel wants it."

Where there is no will, there is no way

"...the only way off of this vicious merry-go-round is to take the power back from the US and Israel and put it in the hands of the international community. Twenty-six former European leaders seem to understand what has to be done – impose sanctions on Israel for its illegal settlement activity. Brazil and Argentina understand what has to be done – recognize a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders. Even the US knows what needs to be done, but since it doesn't have the guts to do it, we simply need to move on to greener pastures."

Sudan at the Crossroads

"The future of the continent and Sudan in particular, must be seen in the context of the global village we live in. Sudan is a country with the largest land mass on the continent with nine African countries on its borders. The new rush for Africa and its “colonization” has already been planned and its implementation well underway, as a result of foreign military, security and policing initiatives."

Where exactly can we live?

"Argentina and Brazil have stepped up and recognized a Palestinian state. Uruguay and other South American countries may follow suit. If the tide continues and we Palestinians make a concerted effort to encourage it, a viable Palestinian state will become an inevitable reality....However, with the situation as it is today, I can only come to one conclusion: The Palestinians, if left to the mercy of the United States and Israel, will find themselves in cramped and isolated cantons over which they will have no real power. That is no way to live, now is it?"