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UN Vote on Myanmar: Why did South Africa Abstain?

South Africa's shameful decision to "sit on the fence" during the United Nation's recent vote on Myanmar, has come under attack, and rightly so. Since...

India and its colonial and anti-democratic ways in Kashmir

This is an opportunity to explore a vexing but significant topic in the field of human rights: the Right of Self-determination. The right of...

Human Rights: Are They Universal?

"Only on paper has humanity yet achieved glory, beauty, truth, knowledge, virtue, and abiding love." -- George Bernard Shaw It is tragic that civilized nations...

US Mass Murders Smack of Social War

"The US government has ravenously waged wars in different parts of the world, spent inexcusable sums of money from the common purse, relegated the decent middle class society members to the deplorably destitute creatures, hauled the poor into the abyss of misery, shown no respect for human dignity either abroad or at home and executed the souls of the young generation hoping for a bright future."

January 5th – Remembrance of Self-determination in Kashmir

"The United Nations resolutions on Kashmir acquire a continuing decisive importance from two crucial factors. One, they constitute the only international agreement freely negotiated between India and Pakistan on the future status of Kashmir. Two, they embody the only principle on whose basis a just and durable settlement of the Problem can be achieved---the principle of freedom of choice by the people concerned. Both India and Pakistan signed their acceptance of the United Nations resolutions when neither was at a disadvantage or under any kind of coercion."



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