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Trump Can Kill Oslo, But Not Palestinian National Aspirations

In recent weeks, the Trump Administration has taken a series of drastic punitive actions against the Palestinian people. Some analysts have accepted the official...

Trump’s Jerusalem Decision: A Fatal and Fateful Blow

President Donald Trump's decision to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital was irresponsible and dangerous for more reasons than I can count. Let me...

Israel can’t have it Both Ways

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not miss an opportunity to reiterate his position on Jerusalem: it is the eternal capital of Israel, settlements will continue to be built there and it will not be divided. The Palestinians can just forget about claiming the eastern sector as their capital, at least the center. As far as leaked proposals have stipulated, Israel may be willing to relinquish some Palestinian-populated fringe areas of the city like parts of Beit Hanina and Shufat to the Palestinian Authority, but the key areas – the Old City, Sheikh Jarrah, Ras Al Amoud, will certainly remain in Israel's clutches."

Developing apart

"In trying to understand the situation and any future potential for reconciliation it is important to understand the difference in the realities of the West Bank and Gaza. Both areas are under Israeli occupation, but in the West Bank the Israeli army is operating throughout Palestinian areas, including in densely populated cities and towns. Israel fully controls the land, the expansion of settlements and settlement infrastructure and other infrastructure such as water, electricity and road networks, as well as the separation wall."

The reality of Abu Mazen’s folly and the supine role of...

"As Abu Mazen concentrates on smoking the “peace-pipe” with Netanyahu in a bid to retain his “legitimacy” as a credible partner, his vision is obscured by the ugly reality of events unfolding around his precious throne. As White reports, Israel has continued its process of Judaisation, enforced through bureaucracy and bulldozers. Shockingly – yet not surprising since Abu Mazen is a key component of one the tools of occupation, bureaucracy – not a word of protest from any of his fellow elites, or by extension his diplomats posted abroad, about the latest tightening of the noose in Ar-Ram."



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