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Black History Month: Recognizing Black Contributions and Atoning for Our Past

This is Black history month, an important time to reflect on the contributions African Americans have made to the history of the United States...

Nine eleven dot com

"The enigma of the nine eleven tragedy will not remain unsolved forever. It will soon come to light like many other conspiracies engineered by the US government and the West in other countries. As the Persian saying goes, the moon will not forever remain hidden behind the clouds. The dots will be filled. And when the veil goes away, there will remain only a deep sense of shame and disgrace for those who orchestrated the plot, those who committed it and those who benefited from it."

Did Serbia sacrifice Mladic for EU Membership?

"Muslims of the EU may enhance the case for democracy to the Arab and Islamic world, which is already feeling the pressure for reform from the recent Arab spring, and concurrently many more Europeans may embrace Islam through direct interaction, which would dissolve the Islamic-demons created by the hostile mass media. Another remote possibility is the creation of a new Islamic block, where Bosnia, Albania and Turkey merge with the new progressive Middle East that may arise from the Arab spring."

The Height of Kitsch

"...the Swiss referendum should give pause to those who have been tempted to think that the system of referendums is preferable to the Parliamentary system. A referendum opens the gates to the vilest demagogues, the pupils of Joseph Goebbels, who once wrote: “We must appeal again to the most primitive instincts of the masses.”

Aqsa Attack begs questions of Atonement

"It is now up to those Israelis of conscience to change the tide in their own society and seek out a truth that may not be very agreeable to their fellow countrymen. Perhaps this Yom Kippur, there will be more Jews praying for and seeking absolution for the sins of their leaders and those who believe they are made of more valuable material than other human beings."



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