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Sisi’s Dictatorship Ravaging Egypt

The video is chilling- 23-year-old Mahmoud el-Ahmady desperately appeals to the judge in an Egyptian court. His testimony is agonizing to watch- a young...

Nuclear Israel: Image of Apocalyptic Horror

"The tale of Israel's nuclear weapons program is a painfully sad one and the fact that some European countries secretly catapulted this regime into a nuclear nightmare is a shame. However, it is more than a shame when one contemplates that during all these years the US has been aware of these clandestine illegal activities and even supported them....The worst is yet to come....With over 300 to 400 nuclear bombs, Israel has been translated into an image of apocalyptic horror for the entire Middle East if not for the world."

The life, times and legacy of Malcolm X

"After his amazement at the experience of brotherhood brought about by Hajj, he realized that “it isn’t the American white man who is a racist, but it’s the American political, economic, and social atmosphere that automatically nourishes a racist psychology in the white man.” It has taken 50 years of African American academic scholarship, from Henry Gates Louis Jr., Angela Davis, Saidiya Hartman and others, to adequately theorize this insight."

Even one of these little ones…

"...these pedophile preachers have indelibly tarnished the image of the entire Church, as well as the reputations of those chosen to care for its children. It's time for the empty accusations, excuses and justifications to stop...

Aqsa Attack begs questions of Atonement

"It is now up to those Israelis of conscience to change the tide in their own society and seek out a truth that may not be very agreeable to their fellow countrymen. Perhaps this Yom Kippur, there will be more Jews praying for and seeking absolution for the sins of their leaders and those who believe they are made of more valuable material than other human beings."



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