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Theresa May’s Battle For Survival Scapegoats Hezbollah

Having lost considerable influence in Europe and other parts of the world over the ding-dong being played out over Brexit, Theresa May is seeking...

Israel’s new war of attrition on Jerusalem’s Palestinians

Czech president Milos Zeman offered Benjamin Netanyahu's ultra-nationalist government a fillip during his visit to Israel last week. He inaugurated a cultural and trade...

Af-Pak War enters twilight territory

"After incurring trillions of dollars in war costs, the Americans are no closer to securing Afghanistan. The Afghan have proved once again that invading Afghanistan is a fool and a graveyard for invaders."

What evil web Washington weaves in Syria

"With the increasing conviction that the Assad regime is breathing its last breath out, Washington has initiated a contingency plan by focusing on the chemical weapons which they claim Assad government possesses and will use against the rebels and the civilians alike if they are forced to."

The Afghan dust is settling

"Just as Bush was boasting in 2008 of permanent US bases in Iraq, the recent Strategic Partnership agreement with the Afghan government to place permanent joint military bases in Afghanistan beyond 2024 is not a serious proposition."



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