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“Not Enough!”

MANY YEARS ago, right after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, I was asked to write a book about the events. Rachel took...

Talking Zionism

"Currently, some five million Palestinians and six million Jews live between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. The ethnic cleansing of the country is highly improbable, to say the least. Far more likely is the reality of an apartheid state, in which Jews will soon be a minority. That is not a reality envisioned by the Zionist founding fathers."

Police State Blues: "Our rights do not end where the caprice...

"To express indifference or to be an apologist for the quotidian evils of our time is reprehensible. Like the "good Germans" of the 1930's, you might believe your codified hatreds and commodified longings, manifested by the industrial and military power of the state, will deliver and preserve freedom…but these beliefs, maintained by systems of mechanized force, will, in time, come to debase everything you hold dear."

The writing has always been on the wall

"It is clear that Israel has no plans to reach any form of lasting peace with Palestinians or concede to a two-state solution. Its spread of illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory has created new facts on the ground that make it impossible to form a contiguous Palestinian state, even on the 22 percent of historic Palestine that Palestinians have been reduced to and agreed upon."

Disconnected and Dysfunctional

"All eyes will now be on Obama as he speaks before the AIPAC (the major pro-Israel lobby) meeting on Sunday to see whether he backs away from or fine tunes the positions he outlined in his State Department address. While AIPAC's leaders have cautioned their members not to boo the President, it will not be a receptive audience—unless he walks back from his earlier positions, in which case the AIPAC crowd might cheer while an already disenchanted Arab audience will become enraged."



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