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NATO: From the North Atlantic to the South Pacific

"The common values alluded to comprise much more than the parliamentary system of government, which exists most everywhere in the world, and instead are a veiled reference to the fact that NATO is what it has always been: A military alliance of the former colonial powers in Europe and Britain's past outposts in North America - the U.S. and Canada - now to be complemented by those in the South Pacific, New Zealand and Australia."

It is Crucial to "De-Nairobify" the Somali Affairs

"...the process of “de-Nairobification” must continue. In addition to bringing an end to the costly routine of multiple outsourcing of all projects and services to Somalia, such decision will bring an end to a detrimental sub-culture that developed since the break up of the State. A sub-culture that lures governmental officials and members of the Parliament to accept invitations and attend private meetings with various colorful foreign characters of multiple agendas at the privacy of their offices, hotel rooms, and residence."

What We Owe to Bertha von Suttner

"When the idea of ending slavery came and developed and took hold and spread, it could not be stopped by the occurrence of a sudden catastrophic outbreak of slavery. Slavery is not like a hurricane. It was a practice that went on and could be ended. It might be brought back, but only slowly, not in a mad rush of passion before anyone had time to think it through. War was different. The ending of war was an idea whose time had come. And then time halted. Time froze. The evolution of civilization was instantly thrown into reverse."

The importance of being anti-Israeli

"Faced with the possibility of political bankruptcy, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has begun a tour of Europe, trying to marshal up support for Israel and making sure the Palestinian bid will fail at the UN. Fear is certainly the word that best suits how the Israelis feel at the moment."

The Settler State

"The rule seems to be that when the people of a civilized country become spoiled by culture and riches, a hardier, less pampered and more primitive race on the fringes takes over, as Greece was taken over by the Romans, and Rome by the barbarians."