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War–beyond good and evil

"Without an army to fight, and no defensible political objectives to attain there can be no war! Nevertheless, the press and our governments continue to go to great lengths to present the operation as necessary for peace....If we compare the farrago in Afghanistan to the 19th-century expansionism of Germany—Prussia, really—I see little reason to object to Chancellor Otto von Bismarck’s limited wars of aggression against Denmark (1863), Austria (1866) and France (1870) to expand and consolidate Prussian power. The losing sides might disagree, but the decision to launch these wars for selfish national motives was rational, calculated and efficient."

Even one of these little ones…

"...these pedophile preachers have indelibly tarnished the image of the entire Church, as well as the reputations of those chosen to care for its children. It's time for the empty accusations, excuses and justifications to stop...

The Tea Party Movement frightens me

"...excuse me if I don’t join those who dismiss Sarah Palin or her Tea Party crowd or take consolation in the polls showing that 71% of Americans feel she is not qualified to be president. I’m frightened by the 26% who think she is qualified (including 42% of all Republicans). The crowds that cheer her on or respond with delight to the bigoted remarks of Tom Tancredo shouldn’t be dismissed. They are reason to be concerned, very concerned."

Switzerland uses a referendum to ban construction of minarets

"Clearly, the Swiss and French anti-Muslim campaigns and decisions are against both international and European human-rights conventions, and could have been challenged at least in the European Court of Human Rights or Switzerland’s supreme court. That Navi Pillay, the UN high commissioner for human rights, and the Muslim countries that criticized the result of the referendum have failed to arrange a legal challenge..."

Spot the Difference

"This Prussian effort had a direct impact on the Jewish colonization of Palestine. It served as an example for the father of Zionist settlement, Arthur Ruppin, and not by accident – he was born and grew up in the Polish area of Prussia."