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Mitt Romney…Just Go Home

"...the bigger question is how the Palestinians should reshape their relationship with the United States, given how futile it is to view them in even the slightest light of “honest broker”. Even the likes of President Obama, who we all know is far more knowledgeable on the conflict and possible solutions, still ends up acquiescing to the mighty machine. He cannot say enough how ‘unshakeable’ the US’s relationship is with Israel or how committed he is to its security."

Somalia – Sovereignty in Catch-22

"Granted, no state is wholly sovereign as such sovereignty belongs only to The One who set the world in motion! However, states can, and should, have claim to sovereignty. That is the highest political authority within certain negotiated or legally defined geographical territory accepted by the United Nation. This type of sovereignty is necessary to establish the rule of law, to govern independently, to protect the nation’s values, territorial integrity, unity, and to mobilize for defense against internal and external threats."

Norway: NATO rehearses for War in The Arctic

"The Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 was deployed to the Norwegian Arctic island city of Tromsø for the exercise. NATO established a Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger, which at the time hosted the nation's military command headquarters, in 2003. According to NATO's Norfolk, Virginia-based Supreme Allied Command Transformation, the center is "the jewel in the Crown of Allied Command Transformation."

It is Crucial to "De-Nairobify" the Somali Affairs

"...the process of “de-Nairobification” must continue. In addition to bringing an end to the costly routine of multiple outsourcing of all projects and services to Somalia, such decision will bring an end to a detrimental sub-culture that developed since the break up of the State. A sub-culture that lures governmental officials and members of the Parliament to accept invitations and attend private meetings with various colorful foreign characters of multiple agendas at the privacy of their offices, hotel rooms, and residence."

New U.S. Tactical Strategy and Drones Attacks

"There is no iota of doubt that this drone business is going on unabated with the complete acquiescence of the Pakistani incumbent rulers otherwise they would have taken some effective measures against this very cruel operation of a Super Power, violating all international laws, morals and ethics."