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Conflict in Thailand may lead to Civil War

"The Thai government has thus far failed to realize that heavy-handed security-based approaches end up radicalizing oppressed communities and increasing popular support for resistance groups....The US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and the continuing presence of foreign troops in many Muslim societies have already worked to radicalize the Muslim community in Thailand and increase their awareness of global Muslim grievances."

Thai army’s brutalities against Rohingya Muslims

"At the heart of the Rohingya problem is the Burmese junta’s brutal oppression and decades long genocidal policy against them, denying their right to exist as an ethnic group. This dimension of the military rule in Burma has received little attention in the Western media and their local spokesmen that make so much noise about democracy but whose backdoor business deals with the junta are not secret. The truth is that the Rohingya Muslims have suffered more than any other group at the hands of the Burmese junta."

Pattani Muslims under attack again in southern Thailand

"The southern region has a heavily Malay-speaking Muslim population in the provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat, which historically formed the Muslim kingdom of Pattani until it succumbed to Siamese control in the 1700s. People here share similar cultures and habits with the Malay Muslims in Malaysia, but Bangkok has traditionally suppressed their identity, for example by discouraging the use of the Malay language."

Economic cost of Bird Flu

"Concrete efforts should be made in order to eradicate the new bird flu form the territories of the country, which may increase the ratios of poverty, employment and substantial reduction in foreign exchange reserves and tax collections."



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