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My Political Philosophy: Grow Up!

I have been involved in politics my entire adult life. There were two main sources of inspiration from my childhood that have molded my...

Why Senator Cardin Is a Fitting Opponent for Chelsea Manning

The top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Ben Cardin, has become a big star in national media by routinely denouncing Russia as...

A Battle is Won, but the War Continues

"We can see evidence of the regressive counterattack today, even before Barack Obama has taken his oath of office. Thus, for example, we hear on FOX News that wild assertion that “historians pretty much agree” that FDR prolonged the great depression. The corporate media incessantly repeat the GOP talking point that the presidential election (“not a landslide”) indicated that the public has endorsed “center-right” policies, a sentiment that President Obama will disregard at his peril."

Islam in the Age of Extremism

"Contrary to their gown-wearing counterparts, the suit-wearing extremists are more sophisticated and more illusive. They consult with image-makers and PR specialists and speak the language of the dominant with seductive eloquence. As such, the suit-wearing extremists are more prone to fly under the radar of public sensibilities and media scrutiny, and this not only gives them the leverage but the impunity to go for the kill- painting all Muslims and Islam on one broad negative paintbrush."

What Does "Fair and Balanced" Journalism Mean?

"Q: What do you get when you balance the truth with a lie? A: You get a partial truth or a partial lie. Is that what good journalism is about?"