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The coup in Sudan: Is it the second wave of the...

The Arab spring started in Tunisia in late 2010, when self-immolation of a street vendor in a provincial town of Sidi Bouzid sparked mass...

Lessons for Sudan’s and Algeria’s reformers from Arab Spring realities

The recently sparked public unrest in Sudan and Algeria are not receiving the media attention they deserve. An earlier round of public protest in the Arab world...

Harnessing the Courage of a Syrian Rebel

"One of the unique aspects of the Syrian uprising is that the battle has been joined in the countryside but has yet to gain strength in Damascus and Aleppo where state security forces have always had an iron grip. In Cairo, the demonstrators managed to occupy Tahrir Square for eighteen days. Not to be outdone, Yemeni demonstrators have camped out for four months straight.  The Syrian regime will allow none of that. So maybe it’s time to take out a page from the Serb struggle against Milosovic and start turning out the lights every Thursday night at 9 pm and banging pots and pans till midnight. Once you get a critical mass of participation, horde some pita bread, cheese and olives and start a one week strike. Don’t leave your homes. Don’t go to work. Close your shops and keep your kids out of schools. And, whatever you do, don’t go to mosques or church services. Leave your places of worship empty and make your homes citadels of liberty....Then take to the streets and see if Doctor Bashar still has any ammunition to confront the courage of a Syrian rebel."

"Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace: Patterns, Problems and Possibilities" :: Book Review ::

"...it should come as no surprise that the stalling of these most recent peace talks can easily be understood when one considers the leadership personality of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the effect of that leadership personality on the process. It was, of course, Binyamin Netanyahu who boldly claimed responsibility for torpedoing the Oslo peace process on video and further claimed that the United States could easily be manipulated."

Strategic partnership jeopardized

"...the differences between Jerusalem and Ankara have gradually grown, dovetailing with Turkey's growing divergence with the West."