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Exodus countdown from Israel

"Considering the effect the recognition of Palestine (even if the decision of the UN's General Assembly is vetoed by the US) can exercise on the foreign policies of Israel and the crisis which is now eating away at the heart of the regime, it seems that the political days of Israel are numbered and that the future of the Zionist regime is hanging by a thin thread."

Did Serbia sacrifice Mladic for EU Membership?

"Muslims of the EU may enhance the case for democracy to the Arab and Islamic world, which is already feeling the pressure for reform from the recent Arab spring, and concurrently many more Europeans may embrace Islam through direct interaction, which would dissolve the Islamic-demons created by the hostile mass media. Another remote possibility is the creation of a new Islamic block, where Bosnia, Albania and Turkey merge with the new progressive Middle East that may arise from the Arab spring."

Thomas Friedman: Hooked on War

"...Iraqi civilians keep dying from the U.S. war effort and other violence catalyzed by the occupation; meanwhile, of course, not a single concert or merry-go-round has stopped in the USA."

The Unreal Death of Journalism

"When a news report breaks through cliches to evoke realities of carnage, the result can be memorable."

The State of the Media Union

"The legends of corporate-driven community, laid down by conventions of commerce and politics, are suitable for compliance with never-never lands of public pretense. Contrived narratives that provide maximum profits can have little to do with authentic experience. To guide the expenditures of time and resources for enhancement of cash flow, our powerful institutions must function as arbiters of social meaning."