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India’s Obsession of Pakistan Ignores Elephant in the Room: Occupation of...

In the aftermath of the Pulwama attack in Kashmir which resulted in the death of close to fifty Indian military forces, shockingly but not...

Arab Americans votes and the Yemen war

With diverse backgrounds Arab and Muslim Americans vote in unpredictable ways; however, in these midterm elections the majority are likely to favor Democrats. Feelings...

Israel Metaphorically Defeated in Gaza

"In a colossally miscalculated act, Israel launched military strikes on the enclave because they thought that Hamas would soon run out of missiles and rockets supplies and that the city would soon fall prey to dereliction and destruction. However, they were disillusioned to see that things did not happen as they preferred and that even their impenetrable Iron Dome was not that advanced to intercept the torrential salvo of Iranian-made Palestinian missiles."

Islam-bashing race is on

"Unable to come to terms with Islam is yet another major failing on the part of the west. This firmly places the guilt of intolerance on their shoulders not on the aggrieved party whose victimization is unfairly ignored!...Yet we find media commentators and political pundits seeking answers about why Muslims are intolerant!"

Conventions End: On to November

"The Conventions ended with both party's delegates and activists energized and ready to work. It that sense, both meetings were a success. There are now less than two months to go before the election. It will be hectic, heated, and more partisan than usual....On to November."



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