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Last gamble?

Good things and bad things happen daily here. Daily we get to meet great visitors and work with great volunteers and staff that are...

Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will destroy the chances...

Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and/or relocating the U.S. embassy to it is a supreme provocation that will destroy the chances for...

This fight isn’t over yet

Having come through a difficult 2016 primary campaign and a hotly contested 2017 race for party Chair, what Democrats desperately need is to unify...

The Transformation of Jerusalem

Last week a group of Likud members and experts presented Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a plan to carve up Arab Jerusalem in...

Pakistan: In Quest of Reality for a Navigational Change

Towards Understanding the Reality of Problems In its formative history of 70 years, the nation is fraught with tragedies. The legal dismissal of PM Nawaz...



International Terrorism


Concept and Contempt

Pakistan: Whithering Heights