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Abbas Bid for Bantustan Exposes Israeli Hypocrisy

"In addition to leaving Obama and Netanyahu defrocked as hypocrites, the bid has unmasked a number of people and institutions. Seeing Tony Blair and Hilary Clinton squirming and ducking for cover from the heat unleashed by Abbas’ “jihad” is quite enjoyable. The Quartet, made up of an old boy’s club from Russia, America, the UN and the European Union, is now clearly understood to be firmly in the Israeli camp."

Netanyahu’s Ring and the Legitimacy of Zionism

"There is only one little problem with Netanyahu’s rationale. Benjamin’s father, Ben-Zion Netanyahu, used to have a different name. Before Bibi’s daddy immigrated to Palestine from Lithuania, the family name was Milikovsky. See, this is where I get a little bit confused. Wouldn’t the Prime Minister have a better claim for encroaching on Palestinian land if he found a 2,800 year old ring from an ancient Jewish official named Milikovsky?"

If You Find Yourself in a Hole, Stop Digging

"Israel comes (frequently) to mind. We are still shoveling money out the door of our national treasury, giving Israel all the money it needs to finance its brutal occupation of the Palestinians, plus giving it one of the highest living standards in the world. The last time I checked with the Library of Congress, Israel had drained our treasury (money from American taxpayers) to well over $100 billion."

Hamas and us

"Yes, I too would like to demand a renunciation of terrorism and violence as a precondition for talking …I’d like to demand it from both sides. But realistically this has to be done as part of the negotiations."