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Riots provide a glimpse of Britain’s under-class and a challenge for...

"The myth of capitalism is based on the idea that the good life is available to all, provided that they work hard enough to earn it. The problem is that there are increasing numbers who realise that they have no prospect of ever achieving the standard of living that is apparently enjoyed by others in society, and that those in power in society are determined to keep it that way. The looting of consumer goods that was seen around the world was, more than anything else, a sign of people’s anger that they are constantly confronted in the media with images of the good life, and suggestions that worldly goods are the norm for most in society, without having any sense that they could one day achieve them."

End the Occupation First

"It's time for him to make a historical correction that will make the world and America safe for years to come. He can begin by visiting Gaza and the West Bank for the same reason Martin Luther King, Jr. gave from his jail cell: "I am in Birmingham because injustice is here."

Racism vs. Underachievement

"It is a crime against humanity to deprive a child of his mother tongue but in the name of integration every thing is fair."



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