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Israel’s Irreconcilable Hypersensitivity, Yet Insensitivity to Pain

"You can bomb your enemies to pieces but you will never find peace through bombs."

More Myths and Lies about American Withdrawal from Iraq

"...what about setting a timetable to leave? Certainly the desire for Americans to leave is the single uniting concept for all Iraqis of all religions or ethnic groups (except for the Iraqis who derive power from the American occupation)."

The American Paradox: Poor, Obese Dependents Shoot and Beg

"America's future is becoming clearer and clearer. We are being overtaken by hungrier, better-educated, more competent, and harder working people from India to Malaysia to China to Brazil. If America did not have so many hard-working immigrants to carry the load at low wages, we would be in even worse shape."

Money for Nothing, or Worse

"...what the Wall Street Journal’s editors see as a cause for celebration may be instead a reason for righteous indignation, or even for joining your neighbors in taking up pitchforks and heading for the District of Columbia to clean out those Augean stables."

When Junk Interrupts Junk

"The fact that tens of millions of viewers, including young people, watch such insidious programming is cause for despair. Overall, the United States is heavily socialized by the likes of what dominates TV screens."



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