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Christchurch Mosque Massacre: Who Are the Scriptwriters?

Violent brutality, often seen on cinema screens as well as TV and online broadcasts - a hallmark of Hollywood, always ends with a sigh...

A different kind of Tweet

"The president has absolute authority, unilateral power to order the use of nuclear weapons," said Bruce Blair. The nuclear codes are "the length of...

Palestine’s Economy is in Trouble, But Why?

"What Israel failed to note is its determination to keep the Palestinians in its economic grips and the multitude of ways it has achieved this. Whether we are talking about the restrictions on the import and export of goods, the number of workers Israel employs in its own factories and businesses or the withholding of tax revenues owed to the PA, Israel has always ensured a way of keeping Palestinian economic independence at bay....In the end however, it is not a case of economics. This is only a major byproduct of the fundamental ill, which is Israel’s occupation of Palestine and its control over just about every facet of Palestinian life. We can all understand why Israel’s foreign ministry drafted the report; it is not out of concern for the Palestinians. It is part of Israel’s plan to convince the world that a Palestinian state is not a good idea. What it has not said is that Israel planned this all along, that it has not adhered even to the agreements it signed itself, including the Paris Protocol and that it was never interested in an independent Palestinian economy. It has never been interested in Palestinian independence at all."

The US Exit from Iraq: What were the Reasons for this...

"Could the Iraq invasion have been primarily an emotional response to 9/11? The US needed to demonstrate their firepower to the Muslim world, in order to show that it means business. Therefore, Iraq was primarily a revenge attack for 9/11, their lust for blood and vengeance was satisfied, like a vampire needing to feed on human blood. It explains partially the brutal behaviour of US Soldiers and why many stated openly that “I got my revenge”. If so, how does that sit with the born-again Christian, George Bush and the Catholic Blair guided by their loving God into war who allegedly teaches that you should “turn the other cheek” and “love your enemy”, but did the Iraqis slap the cheeks of the Americans or the British in the first place?"

Palestinian strategies post-UN vote

"Massive popular actions are required to drive home the message of a people tired of decades of occupation. The focus of such action will have to be placed on developing the West Bank areas under total Israeli administrative and security control, referred to as areas C. At the same time, every possible nonviolent means of resistance must be exercised to ensure that no more settlements are built on Palestinian lands....Palestinians need now to depend on themselves and their true friends to reach the ultimate goal of an independent state alongside Israel."



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