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Stifling The Truth

"...Israel uses every possible diplomatic, legal or political means to muffle voices that may tell the truth about the Palestinians under its occupation. From a single foreign activist who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer because she refused to watch another Palestinian home being demolished, to waging an all-out war on a respectable UN agency, Israel’s goal vis-à-vis the Palestinians is hardly democratic. They know it and we know it. Their hope now is to keep the rest of the world from finding out."

Showering in America

"Palestinians only have access to roughly one-fifth of the West Bank water supply with the Israeli government controlling the rest. Illegal Israeli settlers have more control over water resources in the West Bank than the majority Palestinian population living on their own land. Hence the luxurious swimming pools in the settlements in stark contrast to empty wells in neighboring Palestinian villages."

Israel is the main beneficiary

"At the moment, there is no serious threat of war over the Strait of Hormuz between Iran and the West. Even if the European Union goes ahead with sanctions against Iranian oil, this would amount to only a 15-20 percent loss of the country's oil exports. It is very unlikely that Iran would block the strait since it would still be selling at least 80 percent of its oil. However, if the rest of Iran's oil customers start to follow the West then the situation would become very serious."

Israel’s self-destruction :: Reunifying the Palestinian nation ::

Since 1967, Israel has fostered many further splits: between the cities and rural areas; between the West Bank and Gaza; between East Jerusalem and the West Bank; between the main rival political movements, Fatah and Hamas; and between the PA leadership and the diaspora....Israel's guiding principle has been to engender discord between Palestinians by putting the interests of each group into conflict, said Dr Ghanem. "A feuding Palestinian nation was never likely to be in a position to run its own affairs."

Bush and Cheney’s Neo-Con cabal must own up America’s onrushing oblivion

"President Obama is sailing against the tide by trying to reform the financial and fiscal system as well as resorting to populist measures....if the Tea Party and the Republicans take over from him, they are sure to hasten the doomsday that they are inadvertently or deliberately planning for their country. It will be a very bleak prospect for the rest of the world to see such a promising nation, so foolishly destroyed by a cabal of rogue elements that can perpetuate their stranglehold on power through media brainwashing of its own people."



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