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America Has a Good Story; But It’s Not the One Politicians...

"The American story is not one about a country that was born great. It is the story of a country that is struggling to become better. And this is the story that is worth telling. It is one infused with humility, a recognition of our failings and our continuing efforts to correct injustice and make change. This may not be the story-line favored by some politicians, but it is one that can inspire."

Nuclear Power Madness

"Nuclear power madness is so entrenched that mainline pundits and top elected officials rarely murmur dissent. Acquiescence is equated with prudent sagacity."

John Waters Pays Homage to his Role Models :: Book Review...

John Waters is a Baltimore Icon! He’s a film director, producer, author and a recovering Catholic. The then-Maryland Censor Board panned many of his early flicks, “as pure garbage.” Waters is openly gay. His latest book is “Role Models.” In it, Waters reveals the people who have influenced and have helped to shape his own complex persona. Waters confesses in his tome that he voted for Barack Obama because “he ‘was’ a friend of Bill Ayers!”

The Use and Abuse of Religion

"For government or the rest of us to insist on defining them by their faith, or even how they describe themselves or how they define their actions, is at best careless. It also runs the risk of Western governments treading into the murky waters of sanctioning “good” or acceptable Islam or applying a religious litmus test on groups which, in itself, makes a political statement that is most certainly none of our business, and can be dangerous."

Sarah writes to John McCain

"I can still remember when former Vice-president Dan Quayle came out with the goofy idea that people in Latin America speak Latin. What a hoot! But did the media make a big fuss then? Not on your Nellie! I guess it’s okay for guys to say and do dumb things, but when an honest American hockey mom has a slip of the tongue, it’s open season on us gals. Now really John, is that fair?"



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