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Poverty is a lie

"The fact is that our nation and our world are capable of environmental sustainability, peace, and the eradication of poverty. We've spent a decade racing headlong away from these goals in response to dramatic crimes that killed 3,000 people. The fact that 10,000 people have died from perfectly preventable causes in Africa alone every single day for those 10 years somehow gets lost in our self-obsessed, short-sighted, fear-driven and greed-excusing corporate communications system."

Wake up and smell the System

"It’s time for humanity to act on teachings of social justice that are only paid lip service now, if considered at all. The earth belongs to all of us but if we keep treating it as though only some of us own it and are privileged or chosen by some deity to exploit it for our benefit alone, it will collapse under the weight of a burden it has never known before."

It’s The System, Stupid!

"No matter which major party affirmative action team wins, it will attempt to strengthen this imperial anachronism by borrowing more billions from foreigners, floating fake electronic money to pay them off, and giving the real bill to taxpayers. New loans will pay off old loans made with other borrowed money to pay still older loans, until this massive Ponzi scheme reaches a climax. It could come sooner than we think."

Lying Thieves vs. Thieving Liars

"Democratic strategies for victory are based on hopes that Republicans suffer defeat. Their best argument is that they are not the ones who got us into this mess, but they will keep us in it with policies more palatable to citizens who may no longer be able to differentiate between the taste of steak, lobster or feces."

What Sort of (Hated) Nation Have We Become?

"The future for the new generation of American citizens born in the new millenium is shaky and getting shakier by the day, it seems."