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The real reasons Trump is quitting UNESCO

At first glance, the decision last week by the Trump administration, followed immediately by Israel, to quit the United Nation’s cultural agency seems strange....

South African Petroleum lifeline under threat – Will ANC compromise economic...

"What may have irked Israeli lobbyists in America is that South Africa’s crude oil imports from Iran have increased to $434.8 million in March from $364 million in February. Instead of a reduction, imports from the Islamic Republic represent 32% of the country’s total crude oil supplies, suggesting that the ANC-led government is reluctant to have America dictate its economic policy."

Arab revolution: Democracy or Islamic theocracy in the making

"...the slogans of freedom and democracy amongst the Arab populace, which the Western media is keen to portray in a favourable light, do not necessarily equate to the West’s understanding of freedom and democracy. Rather to the vast majority of protestors, freedom is associated with freedom from tyranny and not freedom from the laws of Islam. Likewise, democracy is likened to the right of the people to elect their own rulers and is not equated with law making and legislation."

One-state debate explodes myth about the Zionist left :: Is the...

"...the right is showing that it may be more willing to redefine its paradigms than the Zionist left. And in the end it may confound Washington by proving more capable of peace-making than the architects of Oslo."

Fifa 2010 – A Venue for False Flag Terror?

"The South African Government should anticipate and neutralise these nefarious designs. Given the weaknesses at O. R. Tambo International Airport resulting from the entrenchment of Israeli Shin Bet agents, if and when these attacks do happen, then to blame it on intelligence failure, will not be good enough. The architects of world domination and imperialism are committed to an agenda of global superiority. Therefore, the South African security cluster should be ever vigilant and determined to protect our young democracy. We must hold onto our values of equality, anti-colonialism and third world solidarity. The consequences of the failure to do so are far too great and must be averted at all costs."



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