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Piercing the Antisemitism veil by the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA)

How has the recent Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) judgment impacted Palestinian solidarity? Whilst the legal fraternity studies its ramifications, rights groups have welcomed the...

What else do they want from us?

"Today, the Palestinians, who have accepted a government without a state and an Authority without sovereignty, are caught in political limbo. Neither can they go back to armed struggle and wear the hat of a revolutionary movement, nor can they assume the guise of an independent state and government that has complete control over their fate. They are both and they are neither and it has taken a heavy toll. The question is, why are they still under occupation? Stateless? Shunned?"

A Wolfowitz in Sheep’s Clothing

"A diplomatic disaster for Washington, a nuclear Pyongyang is a geostrategic boon to Tel Aviv, however. In their relentless campaign to induce the United States to attack Iran, pro-Israelis invariably hype the North Korean nuclear threat. It serves as an associative warning of the danger of not preventing the “mad Mullahs” in Tehran from also acquiring nuclear weapons."

The Other Arab World

"The question remains whether these documentaries will in fact one day be screened on any of the hundred Arab television stations that are producing the same old programmes which show little or no real interest in questioning cultural or social norms."

War at the Remote

"We may intellectually know that television is not conveying realities of life. But what moves on the screen is apt to draw us in, nonetheless. We see images of violence that look and loom real. But our media experience of that violence is unreal. We don’t experience the actual violence at all. Media outlets lie about it by pretending to convey it. And we abet the lying to the extent that we fail to renounce it."



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