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Arab Americans votes and the Yemen war

With diverse backgrounds Arab and Muslim Americans vote in unpredictable ways; however, in these midterm elections the majority are likely to favor Democrats. Feelings...

We Palestinians have so much to learn

"Gaza should be a reminder to them all that nothing amounts to anything as long as the Israeli occupation is in place. We cannot let Israel sit back and mock us while we bicker away and build castles in the air with our own illusions of grandeur. Matar Abu Ata’s mother, his father and that precious little boy who will no doubt grow up in his brother’s shadow are not interested in who sits on the higher horse or how many times both sides try to knock the other one down. All Matar’s mother is thinking and praying for now is that Mater Jr. will never ever meet the fate of his big brother."

A Modest Proposal: Bring Back the Inquisition!

"The Republican candidates realize that war is good for our corporations' bottom-line and for getting Americans to work together against our scary religious and political enemies. And war is also good for keeping our standard of living high, making sure that most of the profits and tax breaks go to the wealthy righteous who create the most jobs and are our biggest financial supporters."

Israel’s One Way Democracy

"Israel’s façade will not remain intact forever. Palestinian voices are louder than ever and those who stand with them are increasingly determined not to remain silent. People like Lucas Koerner, Richard Falk and Norman Finkelstein among thousands of others are making crack after crack in this façade of deceit. It is only a matter of time before it breaks wide open for all to see."

A Question of Values and Ethics

"Other areas of concern are the Tea Party/Republican cuts in the Pell Grant, which makes it possible for poor and middle class kids to go to college. Further, one of the Right’s perennial scapegoats continues to be immigrants. I think that most immigrants are positive in and for America, and much of the Tea Party/Republican anti-immigrant attitude and stance are xenophobic and racist in nature."



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