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Top "Tossup" House Race for Progressives: Raul Grijalva

"While weighing options in the stretch drive of a long election year, every progressive individual and group must come to terms with limited time and resources. Clear priorities are essential. Now, on the eve of an election when many candidates will sink under an onslaught from the far right, we should have a national vision -- and concentrate on saving the ones who most truly represent our values."

When the Leaders Lead, the People Have Sorrow

"Washington’s policies are taking their toll from Afghanistan to Main Street to the Gulf of Mexico. That’s why so many people are more determined than ever to lead from the grassroots by sending genuine progressives to Congress."

Beyond the Ceasefire: What’s Next for Gaza

"The muted world response to those alleged war crimes is made possible by a widespread demonization of the Palestinian that entertains such outlandish notions as “Palestinians use their own children as human shields.” It is only by projecting an image of the Palestinian as something less than human that the Israeli government can hope to justify its human rights transgressions and avert a severe backlash in public opinion."

Every Crisis Becomes a Carnival of Opportunism

"Hundreds of billions here, hundreds of billions there--pretty soon you're talking about real money. It will be highly depreciated money, however, because the government's bailout commitments to date, along with its already huge budget deficit, ensure that the Fed will be flooding the world with newly created dollars, and, other things being equal, each one's creation reduces the purchasing power of every existing one."

Obama’s Clarifying Win: The Fly on the Wall Is the Wall

"The media pretense of being a fly on the wall has often been preposterous. In the real world of politics -- where power brokers and manipulators proceed with the cynical axiom that perception is reality -- the fly on the wall is the wall. The political press corps is not observing reality as much as redefining it while obstructing outlooks and constraining public perceptions."