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Deadly Illusions, Rest in Peace

"Memorial Day 2007 comes at a disastrous time. Political power brokers and media elites insist on opting for a mix-merge of tragedy and farce. A key reality is that we won’t be able to change the militaristic direction of the country without effectively confronting the congressional Democrats who are fueling the engines of destruction."

Liberals need to save party from neoconservative "Iggy"

"Canadian Liberals have a fighting chance on December 2 to save their party from the neoconservative "Iggy" and his powerful friends. But if they do elect "Iggy," it could also sideline the Liberals for the next federal election. Canada is not ready for a neoconservative Liberal – whatever that may be -- to become Prime Minister."

Syria’s stake in Lebanon

"...any implied equivalence between Syria's presence in Lebanon and Israel's occupation of Arab territories, including the Golan, is unwarranted. This is why Syria is reluctant (but obliged) to cite UNSC Resolutions 242 and 338 when pointing to western double standards that demand Syrian compliance with UNSC Resolution 1559, but ignore Israeli snubs to international law."

Muslim religious organizations should utilize federally funded programs

"Bush Junior administration removed the bumps on the road that were discriminating the religious organizations when he declared on August 3, 2004."

If Famous Journalists Became Honest Rappers

The "Bulworth" movie -- with Warren Beatty playing a senator who begins to speak disturbing truths in the form of rap lyrics -- caused quite a stir when it came out five years ago. At the time, I wondered aloud in a column about what might happen if leading journalists followed that fictional example.