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The Big Obstacle for Bernie Isn’t DNC “Rigging” – It’s Media...

Some people are attached to the idea that the Democratic National Committee will "rig" the presidential nomination against Bernie Sanders. The meme encourages the...

From Shas to Hamas: The group behind the South Park controversy

"Seemingly unable to interest “weak” Palestinian Muslims in his newly acquired brand of “pure” Islam, Cohen returned to New York to launch his online jihad for “the creation of an Islamic caliphate which will rule the world.”...Having not so long ago believed that Jews had a God-given right to Palestine, Cohen is now saying that Muslims should rule the world. The zeal of the converted? Perhaps."

In Honor of My Mother and the Power of Love

"Our own mourning should help us understand and strive to prevent the unspeakable pain of others. And whatever love we have for one person, we should try to apply to the world. I won't ever be able to talk with my mother again, but I'm sure that she would agree."

An Epiphany for Israel?

"The hope is that Israeli society will extend its discontent with Olmert and take a good hard look at the past 59 years. The idea of using force and humiliation on its neighbors has never worked."

A Small Matter of Justice

"Reparations must be paid not only to compensate victims, but also to rehabilitate our fallen nation so that future generations can chart a new course. Restitution is a universally accepted legal and moral principle. Put simply, those who kill, should pay the bill."