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Prosecution of Muslims in China – World Needs Attention

The ancestry of Chinese Muslims goes back to the time of the 3rd Caliph in Islam, Usman Ibn Affan in 651 when he sent...

Pakistan: In Quest of Reality for a Navigational Change

Towards Understanding the Reality of ProblemsIn its formative history of 70 years, the nation is fraught with tragedies. The legal dismissal of PM Nawaz...

We Palestinians have so much to learn

"Gaza should be a reminder to them all that nothing amounts to anything as long as the Israeli occupation is in place. We cannot let Israel sit back and mock us while we bicker away and build castles in the air with our own illusions of grandeur. Matar Abu Ata’s mother, his father and that precious little boy who will no doubt grow up in his brother’s shadow are not interested in who sits on the higher horse or how many times both sides try to knock the other one down. All Matar’s mother is thinking and praying for now is that Mater Jr. will never ever meet the fate of his big brother."

Don’t Buy into the Hysteria: This Election Isn’t about a Debate

"Putting aside the exaggerated reactions of media commentators "Romney triumphed" or "Obama blew it"—the debate, itself, was quite boring. Like the impact of former President Bill Clinton's convention address that boosted Democrat's morale, Romney's performance might provide a "shot in the arm" to depressed Republicans, many of whom have been troubled by their candidate and his lackluster campaign. Mood changer, yes; but not a "game changer."

For Shalabi, Gaza is Still Home

"No, Shalabi’s deportation does not sit well with any Palestinian because it is unjust, not to mention in complete contravention of international law. [see Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention]. Israel has always acted above every possible law, even its own and this may pan out no differently....But then again, Shalabi is still in Palestine and among her people. And she is alive."