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Global Politics is not about the Safeguard of Humanity and Peace...

We, the People are at Loss in Global Affairs We the People of the Globe, We the conscientious Humanity are not the focal point of...

At the mercy of rising sea levels: Increased Natural Disasters in...

"Aside from the personal tragedies of the hundreds of thousands who have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods millions throughout the region who live, or lived in low lying areas have been and will increasingly be at the mercy of rising sea levels."

The persecuted Rohingyas

"The Rakhines should be forward-looking. When democracy will return to Myanmar, the struggle for self-determination will suffer if the major two ethnic-religious groups of Arakan - the Rakhines and the Rohingyas - remain divided and at loggerheads."

Childhood statelessness

"Statelessness – the non-acquisition of citizenship – can blight a child’s prospects throughout life."

Junta Obstructs Aid While Burmese Die

"Democracies mostly pay lip service to the idea of democracy, while they surreptitiously support dictatorships for their interests, as in the case of Burma. It is time that the citizens of democracies should expose such nefarious deals. The world super-powers have consistently worked to weaken the UN for their own purposes, as we have seen in the case of the Iraq invasion. It is time to strengthen the UN and other international organizations, so that an above-board united action can be taken against the governments that kill and torture their own citizens and invade and torture others."