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A Historic Day in Congress

I spent Thursday morning at the offices of two new Members of Congress, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. The scenes...

Real Freedom of Expression is still missing

"The time has finally come for an end to American hypocrisy and the double standard in its foreign policy, especially in the Middle East. The universality of human right and not narrow interests must become the standard, not be the exception....If the US and other Western democracies want to see democratic change in countries like Syria, Libya and Iran, they must be sure that countries like Yemen, Algeria and Bahrain are not allowed to violate their people's right to assembly and their freedom of expression."

Clinton’s arm-twisting diplomacy in Pakistan

"The question that Clinton and the Obama administration would have to confront head on is whether the United States over relying on military solutions would be counterproductive and could destabilize Pakistan in the long run. Ordinary Pakistanis' increased discomfort with the use of military force in tribal areas is evident by the public and unsubtle reaction to Clinton’s remarks."

President Obama, Please be Different

"...President Obama has that opportunity to really pressure Israel in the areas where international law is on his side. With the issue of settlements (east Jerusalem included), there are no gray areas, even with the Americans. They are illegal, illegitimate structures that hinder any prospects of real peace. Past US Presidents most likely knew this but did not have the courage or the political will to change the status quo. Because Barack Obama is so unique and has shown that he is not your usual run-of-the-mill man, our hope is that for Palestine, he will really make a difference."

A Little Girl in Kabul

"The destructiveness of this war is reality for Guljumma and her father. And for hundreds of families at Helmand Refugee Camp District 5. And, in fact, for millions of Afghan people. The violence of this war -- military, economic and social -- keeps destroying the future. Every day and night."