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Playing 20 Questions to Figure Out the “Deal of the Century”

I believe that it was Henry Kissinger who described his approach to running Arab-Israeli negotiations as creating the illusion of momentum to compensate for...

The Liberal’s Lament

I find it exceptionally irritating when I hear liberals worry about whether Israel will be able to remain a "Jewish and Democratic State" if...

Aafia Siddiqui: Victim of American Injustice

Eight years ago one of Pakistan's top female neuroscientist was convicted in an American court of trying to kill US military officers. In a highly...

On Second Thought

"Are all men created equal? If that is to be a cherished national value, then the location of a person's mother at the time of his birth is irrelevant. Prejudice based on geography is no more acceptable than prejudice based on gender, race, creed, or economic status. Children, who are US citizens, should never be separated from their parents because of immigration status."

Concern for US spies but not Iranian diplomats

"Even more serious is the case of the detention of four Iranian diplomats that were kidnapped in Lebanon nearly 30 years ago. President Ahmadinejad has said the four Iranian diplomats are alive and still held captive by the Zionist regime."



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