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Dubious honour given JNF’s history

"In Israel, 25 per cent of the population is non-Jewish, severely discriminated against and denied basic democratic and social rights. The bill prompted Israel's newspaper, Ha'aretz, to publish an editorial titled, "A racist Jewish state".

The Solution to the Kosovo Problem: Partition Within a Partition

"This partition of Kosovo, within the partition of Kosovo from Serbia, would give the new state the best chance for a long-term stable relationship with its powerful neighbor. As in Palestine, giving up land for peace is the right path to long-term stability and security. But in both parts of the world, dispassionate analysts can define fairly well where a political settlement would end up, but cooling red-hot historical animosity to get there is another thing entirely. A start down that road in Kosovo would be to drop U.S. objections to the “partition inside a partition” approach."

Polish Children vs. Muslim Children

"Polish ambassador to the United Kingdom said that there are now so many Polish children in British schools that they should be taught Polish language, history and culture, so that they do not find themselves cut off from their cultural roots and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry. Many schools are recruiting Polish teachers as role models. Churches have started Sermons in Polish language so that the Polish people can feel at home."

U.S. Empire strikes at Christians and Muslims alike

"Submit to Empire or die. This applies to Muslims as well as Catholics. This applies to atheists and agnostics, and may apply one day to Anglicans and Lutherans and Hindus and Buddhists and Russian Orthodox worshippers. Submit to Empire or die -- your faith is irrelevant when worship of the Almighty Dollar demands your obeisance."

The Pope and the World: Then and Now

"The Cardinals who will choose the next Church leader are, themselves, quite different from the group that chose John Paul II. Of the 117 who will vote, John Paul II appointed 114. While half of this group is European, as they were in 1978, the percentage of Italians has dropped significantly. In 1978 one-fourth of all Cardinals voting were Italian; today they are just one-sixth."