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Playing 20 Questions to Figure Out the “Deal of the Century”

I believe that it was Henry Kissinger who described his approach to running Arab-Israeli negotiations as creating the illusion of momentum to compensate for...

Thank You, Ireland

On Wednesday morning, I watched an amazing debate unfolding in the Irish Seanad (Senate), as members spoke for and against a bill to prohibit...

A Lost Decade

"The world breathed a sigh of relief when Barack Obama took the oath of office in 2009. They had great hopes that he would change direction, restoring America's image. But the challenges have been greater than the efforts of one President. Facing stiff partisan opposition at home and weak support from his own party, that often cowered in the face of attacks, the President was unable to close Guantanamo, reintroduce fundamental principles like due process, and judicial oversight, change direction in the conduct of Middle East foreign policies, and restore civility to our domestic political discourse....The net result is that ten years after 9/11, we look back at a painful decade of loss, and look forward to real challenges that we must address."

Fifa 2010 threat: Does it have to be al-Qaeda only?

"...it appears that media has failed to tap this source and relies almost entirely on dubious “terror experts” for their obviously biased spin. Why?...Media responsibility does not end in communicating. It requires substance and context too. And unless this effort is made, it will raise the question whether sections of our media remain untransformed. Why?"

The Egyptian Journalist as War Criminal

"A siege by its very definition is an act of war. In the case of Gaza, the Egyptian/Israeli siege amounts to collective punishment against an innocent population that committed the unpardonable sin of electing a leadership that is anathema to Cairo and Tel Aviv. It is an act of war that is not sanctioned by the international community. Moreover, it is an extension of last year’s barbarous Israeli invasion of Gaza. The scribes at Al Ahram and other Egyptian government papers can’t have failed to notice that the former Israeli Prime Minister, Tzipi Livni, and other Israeli officials are now facing prosecutable war crime charges as a consequence of the illicit and unjustifiable murder of nearly 1,600 civilians. And there is no arguing the fact that the Egyptian regime gave tacit approval to that invasion."



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