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Praying with our Feet at Occupy Oakland

"...no movement is perfect, and we have our problems and distortions. But the key is to have compassion for our distortions, compassion for everyone including those who right now don’t support us, and use this moment to thank the universe for the opportunity to overcome cynicism and fight for the world most people really want but don’t yet realize that they are not alone, and that their highest vision may be utopian, but utopian plans are far more “realistic” than the mush being generated by the realists in the media and in Washington, D.C."

Highlighting the Palestinian human narrative

"While 1,027 stories are now being narrated, thousands other stories are held back behind bars. When will Palestinians understand that the political struggle is not limited to the fight over the precious Palestinian land, but also for the hearts and minds of people around the world? Humanising the Palestinian case is a prerequisite to gaining the political support of the world community....Coupled with the political actions at the UN and nonviolent protests in Palestine, a human Palestinian narrative is necessary in order to win over whoever is yet not totally supporting the Palestinians' inalienable right to live in freedom and peace."

A Lost Decade

"The world breathed a sigh of relief when Barack Obama took the oath of office in 2009. They had great hopes that he would change direction, restoring America's image. But the challenges have been greater than the efforts of one President. Facing stiff partisan opposition at home and weak support from his own party, that often cowered in the face of attacks, the President was unable to close Guantanamo, reintroduce fundamental principles like due process, and judicial oversight, change direction in the conduct of Middle East foreign policies, and restore civility to our domestic political discourse....The net result is that ten years after 9/11, we look back at a painful decade of loss, and look forward to real challenges that we must address."

Through Lifta, we see our Palestine

"The march to the borders of pre-1948 Palestine on Nakba Day, the symbolic keys hung in the homes of so many refugees, keys to the houses they were forced to leave behind, and the tombstone over a mound of soil marking the grave of one lone Palestinian refugee overlooking the sea of Jaffa all point to a single truth: Palestinians will never forget their history, their homes or their right to return. Nor should they."

What Justifies the Adoption of Convenient Fantasy and Denial of Inconvenient...

"Leaders and followers alike in the family of humanity can do better, and I trust we will soon enough awaken to the need for behavior change rather than continue down the primrose path that Rachel Carson called a superhighway. Our adamantly advocating and relentlessly pursuing a morally disengaged and patently unsustainable way of life -- one of endless population growth and connected economic growth -- simply cannot last."