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Democratic Party “Leadership” Is Upside Down

When Democrats take control of the House in early January, they'll have two kinds of leadership -- one from the top of the party's...

Freedom Day and Palestine

Radio talk shows in South Africa have entrenched themselves as powerful platforms affording listeners means to engage, debate and question.And in the tradition of...

Increasing food production and distribution for human consumption causes population growth

Regardless of what we believe because it is politically convenient, economically expedient, socially correct, religiously tolerated and culturally syntonic to do so, whatsoever is...

The problem is not reconciliation

"The implementation of the reconciliation agreement, which includes achieving a national unity government, should not contradict efforts to resume the peace process with Israel. Indeed, a unified Palestinian political position and the end of Hamas' control over Gaza would create conditions more conducive to the peace process by endowing the Palestinian leadership with the ability to deliver on future agreements."

Do not countenance Ostrich-type behavior by Israel’s Apologists

"For some South African Jews to display levels of insensitivity as was evident in their malicious campaign in opposition to those courageous individuals associated with the Tribunal, does beg the question whether they possess any clue about apartheid or its evil practice....To simply and vainly disregard overwhelming evidence is no different to those who passionately defend the view that the earth is flat! Well its not and to retain an ostrich-type approach to the injustice and severe oppression flowing from apartheid Israel should not be accepted as normal by anyone."