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What It Means That Hillary Clinton Might Run for President in...

Twenty-five years ago -- when I wrote a book titled "False Hope: The Politics of Illusion in the Clinton Era" -- I didn't expect...

Episcopal Bishop Eugene Sutton champions the Cause of the “DREAMers”

A spirited rally was held on the afternoon of September 13, 2017, in Bishop's Park, Baltimore, Maryland. A crowd of about 150 were present....

Question: Will Politics Trump Needed Reform?

"Since some vulnerable and/or conservative Democrats will also place political considerations ahead of needed reform, should the effort to fix the nation’s broken system fail to find a few GOP supporters, it is unlikely that the effort will succeed. As a result of this inaction, the problem will remain, states like Arizona will continue to take the law into their own hands, and immigrants, both legal and illegal will continue to live in fear of profiling by overzealous law enforcement officials."

What will Sarah Palin do about "Terrorists" as Vice-President?

"If Barack Obama is to be chastised for "palling around with terrorists", then what about George W. Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Dick Cheney, even John McCain? All of these people have palled around with Sharon and other former terrorists of the Zionist movement."

"The Mazruiana Collection Revisited" :: Book Review ::

"He is undoubtedly a Global African and as this continent’s most respected contemporary scholar of repute is widely acclaimed as its foremost thinker and writer."



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