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Time to Unwrap the Bubble Thrown Around Xinjiang and Confront China’s...

China's horrific treatment of Muslim Uyghurs (also spelled as Uighurs), which the state has been desperate to keep under wraps is increasingly becoming more...

G7 Summit neglects Kashmir

The Group of Seven summit this week in Charlevoix, Canada, reiterated their commitment to “shared values of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and...

A HAARP with a Malevolent Tune

"It is essential that the general public demand that the existence of this ultra-sophisticated weather machine be publicly acknowledged and that its true purpose be publicly revealed: information which would undoubtedly result in HAARP’s abrupt termination. The lack of any organized grassroots movement to pull the plug on HAARP is a direct result of the fact that its very existence been carefully shrouded in (ultra-top) secrecy. Internet articles focusing on HAARP are commonly removed, while no mention of it is permitted in the mainstream press. Alarmed Americans must work quickly and feverishly to prevent this destructive technology from being used any further upon our own nation."

The Race for Space Solar Energy

"Rather than a competition, however, the United States, China, Japan, and perhaps Russia, should organize a public service consortium to cooperatively produce energy from outer space....Such a consortium could take advantage of the unique abilities of each nation to collectively produce space-solar energy, and it would avoid private corporate domination over the distribution of a product that is essential to human civilization."

A change in paradigm

"The Palestinians--who are still committed to bilateral negotiations--believe that if the United States continues to fail to bring Israel into compliance with its obligations or show seriousness in negotiations, perhaps a paradigm shift will be necessary. By moving from the bilateral approach that has been promoted as the only way to solve this conflict into a multilateral approach that allows the international community to take up in a direct way its responsibility of ending the occupation, perhaps Palestinians will achieve the freedom enjoyed by most others in the world today."