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The Toxic Lure of “Guns and Butter”

The current political brawl over next year's budget is highly significant. With Democrats in a House majority for the first time in eight years,...

What It Means That Hillary Clinton Might Run for President in...

Twenty-five years ago -- when I wrote a book titled "False Hope: The Politics of Illusion in the Clinton Era" -- I didn't expect...

Are we there yet? :: Imus, O’Reilly and Rivera provide new...

"Imus. O’Reilly. Rivera. Rosie. These people need each other. Maybe they could combine in one continuous channel of Trash Television."

Iraq: Enough Blame to Go Around

"Hillary Clinton, however, would prefer to blame President Bush entirely for the war and take no responsibility for her own vote in favor of going to war. Her position to date has been a cop out: knowing what she knows now about the absence of weapons of mass destruction, etc., she wouldn’t have voted for the war."

Say Good-bye to a Future Republican Presidency

"Despite the verbal support of many Republicans for escalation, it is they who should be most dispirited by the president’s new policy. The gleeful Democrats will oppose the escalation rhetorically, but give the Republicans the rope to figuratively hang themselves. Despite their hints to the contrary, the Democrats will not take the courageous step of cutting off funding for the war, lest they be accused of pulling the rug out from under the troops."



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