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Book Review: “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”

What was Michael Wolff's purpose in writing a book exposing the inner workings of the Trump administration?A regular columnist for Vanity Fair, New York,...

Congress Finally Finds Its Purse

"This contest may determine the future of US warmaking more than the also important question arising this month of whether Obama will withdraw a serious number of troops from Afghanistan. And this contest may be something of a last chance. If Congress folds on this one, there aren't too many ledges left for it to grab as it plummets into irrelevance. And if Ohio Republicans have their way, Kucinich's district will cease to exist in 2013, leaving Congress with a significant courage deficit. Now is a moment to speak up for the Constitution, representative government, peace, justice, fiscal responsibility, and the lives of Libyans not yet hit by Obama's non-hostile missiles."

The future of Islam and democracy in Iran

"Iranians have managed to fulfill two of the promises of the Islamic revolution: independence (esteghlal) and Islamic Republic (jomhur-ye eslami). The "Green Movement" demands nothing but the logical conclusion of the revolutionary process. What they demand is its third central promise: the great utopia of freedom (azadi) from government oppression. This is by far the most difficult to attain, but the most valuable for a nation to strive for. Hence the ongoing protests and hence the willingness of Iranians to die for their just cause. This momentum will keep Iranian society going and it will decide whether or not Islam and democracy are finally reconcilable, in Iran and beyond."

Shocked, Just Shocked to find Political Corruption in Afghanistan?

"Both American political parties long ago sold out to the corporations and the powerful elite. The whole system is so corrupt that there is absolutely no possibility of reform, just as there is no possibility of reform of the American health care system."

Bush’s Tortured Legacy

"The new Obama Administration has its hands full with the troubled world they inherited from their predecessors. With two unfinished wars, continuing conflict in the Middle East and a collapsing world economy, the President has maintained that he does not want his Administration to "look backward, but move forward." And so, to date, they have not been inclined to open their own investigation of Bush Administration practices. However, new revelations like the ones that came out last week, Cheney's continued defense of acts of torture, and now the initiative of the Spanish court, may yet force the Administration's hand."