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How to keep your permanent residence status in Canada

If you are a Permanent Resident of Canada you keep your status as a Permanent Resident until it is taken away from you in...

Pakistan’s Dysfunctional Judicial System

There are two opposing views about Pakistan. The cynics dismiss it as a "failed state." The other view holds that it has great potential...

SC verdict on Assam GP Certificate is historic, but hold on…

The supreme court of India has allowed on 5 December 2017, certificates issued by Gram Panchayat (GP) or executive magistrate to be used as...

Why the sudden interest in East Jerusalem?

"The sudden flurry of visits also came after the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, publicly called on all who can to visit Jerusalem as a statement of solidarity. Abbas said what Faisal Husseini said in this regard, namely that visiting a prisoner doesn't equate recognition of his jailers....Jerusalemite Palestinians and the general Palestinian and Jordanian public are curious about the reason behind this sudden interest and wish they could be included in the discussion, rather than learn about them in the media."

Israeli chutzpah, again

"Israel, which always boasts of being the only democracy in the Middle East, uses various emergency laws and administrative orders to control the Palestinian population under its military rule. The rule of law is converted by the Israelis into a rule by law — military law, that is — by which the Israeli army decides how millions of Palestinians are controlled."