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Human Rights: Are They Universal?

"Only on paper has humanity yet achieved glory, beauty, truth, knowledge, virtue, and abiding love." -- George Bernard Shaw It is tragic that civilized nations...

Goldstone, We’re Disappointed

"It looks now that the once-deemed courageous Judge Goldstone is a bit of a cowardly lion. Understandably, the man must have come under tremendous pressure from even his own community. Last year, the South African Zionist Federation barred Goldstone from attending his grandson’s bar mitzvah, justifying the move by saying they were “pro-Israel.” One can only imagine what other unpublicized pressures Justice Goldstone might have come under."

Ongoing, but more complex

"While the situation in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip is very different, this regional wave hit Palestinians as well. Palestinian youth, also encouraged and inspired by the sprit and tools of the movements in Arab countries, especially Egypt, translated their anger and desire for freedom into the issue that they identified as the greatest domestic priority: the reconciliation of Palestinian factions."

The Globe and Mail shrinks in more than size

[Rick] Salutin told The Canadian Charger that he had known for two or three weeks his column would end, but otherwise had no comment. The official explanation is that Salutin had had a long run, 20 years, and that his removal was simply part of the redesign. Though this excuse has superficially plausibility, it doesn’t hold water.

Shalit’s case is also Palestinian

"...the Palestinians, just like the Israeli government, have fallen short in their efforts to get their own prisoners released. While the prisoner issue is always technically on the agenda of Palestinian negotiations, in recent years, the internal split between Hamas and Fateh and US pressures to get Israeli-Palestinian talks back on track have taken precedence. Hence, perhaps Shalit’s case and the Israeli public’s popular moves for their soldier will inadvertently wake the Palestinian leadership and people from their own daze and urge them to take a stronger stance for those who are behind Israeli bars in the name of freedom for us all."



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