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Iran at 40: Time to salute steadfastness and independence

Dramatic developments currently underway in Venezuela, reveals a sinister yet bold plot by the United States of American to impose regime-change via a coup....

A Highway For Peace

"I imagine that after living in peace for 50 years, the right of Israel to exist will be accepted by all nations in the Middle East, that the United States and the United Nations are perceived to have acted even-handedly in the matter, and that the "War on Terrorism" will have become a footnote in history."

Horn of Africa: Latest Victim of ‘War on Terror’

"What these spin doctors won't reveal is the fact that by disregarding multilateral institutions such as the African Union, the Bush administration has ulterior motives in igniting a war in the Horn of Africa."

Israel’s War on Hamas and Hizbullah — A Paradox for Imperial...

"The desperation behind this full-scale military offensive reflective of a determination to punish Lebanon is a tragic consequence of a state whose legitimacy in the Arab street remains as evasive as the fate of its captured soldiers."

Could Iran Be Developing a Nuclear Weapon as a Poison Pill?

"There is little doubt that the stated reasons for attacking Iran and hardly any more true than the reasons given by the U.S. and Britain for invading Iraq."