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Abbas juggles initiatives while Israel takes none

"The Netanyahu government as currently constituted would be incapable of doing so even if it wished to. Hence it is comfortable to cite the Arab revolutions as a good reason to "keep its powder dry" on the Palestinian front. Nor does the government of Israel appear to have asked itself how its growing preoccupation with Iran's nuclear threat might conceivably interact with the "Arab spring" in the absence of a peace process."

Not relevant to the real issue

"Abbas opted many months ago to pursue UN recognition because he believes that this strategy can strengthen his chances of achieving a state in the West Bank, along something close to the 1967 lines, with a capital in East Jerusalem. In parallel, he has apparently concluded that no Israeli leader--across the political spectrum from Ehud Olmert to Netanyahu--will ever agree with him on the pre-1967 "narrative" issues of the right of return and the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif and additional holy sites. This is his unspoken reason for abandoning negotiations."

To Gaza with Dignity

"That the Dignité chose Kastellorizo‭, ‬in the far east of the Greek archipelago near the Turkish mainland‭, ‬as its launch pad to break the siege is no coincidence‭. ‬Many Kastellorizans fled the Nazis during WWII‭, ‬finding refuge in Gaza‭. ‬The present mayor of the island‭, ‬Paul Panigiris‭, ‬was born in Gaza‭, ‬and he and his fellow islanders are staunch supporters of their besieged brothers‭. ‬Their support for the Dignité was no doubt an important factor in‭ ‬“convincing”‭ ‬the Greek official to let it proceed‭.‬"

More process than peace

"In dealing with this conflict, the international community must apply unified standards that are rooted in international legality and the relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, including the roadmap, which obliges Israel to stop settlement expansion and aims at ending the occupation that began in 1967. In addition, it has to introduce certain elements of accountability into its relations with Israel, otherwise there will be very little hope of resuming the peace process. If it restarts under these conditions, it will be more "process" than "peace".

This election, cast a vote against tyranny

"If Harper ever had a chance to lead his party to a majority it was in 2006 when the Liberals were at their most vulnerable; however, most Canadians, especially in Ontario, don’t trust Harper, and as a result. the electorate wanted to vote the Liberals out without voting the Harperites in....Like the 2006 Liberals, Harper has nowhere to go but down. That’s all the good news voters need to know."



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