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Nuke U: How the University of California Is Helping to Blow...

"For sure, there's plenty of money sloshing around to reward the masters—and academic servants—of the nuclear weapons industry. But should the University of California be managing laboratories that design the latest technologies for nuclear holocaust?"

Obama should be truthful with the Islamic world

"...is he really wants to uphold the bold declarations made at the Cairo speech. For example, he stated recently that he wishes with conviction to see a nuclear free world, but it seems that he is only seeking a nuclear free Iran, as he is silent about Israel’s nuclear weapons."

The Land of the Rising Military-Industrial Complex: Peace-loving Japan’s endangered arms...

"Japan’s frustrated military industry wouldn’t put it as bluntly as that, for obvious reasons, but that’s what its argument for the relaxation of the country’s ban on arms exports boils down to. And its mouthpieces in business, academia, media and politics have the task of persuading public opinion that the weakening of the ban is not only necessary to ensure Japan’s security and prosperity, but will help the country to fulfill its responsibility to promote international peace and security."

U.S.-Russian Nuclear Agreement: Good News and Bad News

"Obama and Medvedev have undertaken to move their governments in the right direction, but they need to move them much, much farther. Nothing short of scrapping these horrible, intrinsically indiscriminating weapons entirely will suffice to eliminate their terrible threat to mankind and other living creatures."

Obama gets an F on handling Ahmadinejad’s re-election

"Why the fuss, given that the U.S. did not comment on the results of the recent Lebanese parliamentary elections, in which over a billion dollars was spent to pay for charter flights and free trips for Lebanese in Canada and other countries to go home and vote? Besides, irregularities and election security in every election are common."