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Negotiations are Negotiations, by any Other Name

"The Palestinians need to regain that strength they showed last September. We are not naïve as to the tremendous pressures being put on the leadership to return to the negotiating table by the United States, the Quartet, Jordan and so many others. We know the Palestinians often pay the price for taking a stance. But really, what choice do we have?...The only real choice is to maintain a clear and strong stance that we will not waver from no matter the consequences. Being in talks with Israel, especially under Mr. Netanyahu, is like a cat chasing its own tail. It is exhausting but it gets us nowhere and frankly, comes across as quite ridiculous."

Hamas should watch its step

"...if Hamas continues to oppress the freedoms of Palestinians – freedoms which they have worked hard to achieve and will not easily relinquish to a dictator regime– they will find themselves in the minority yet again."

Fighting for Jerusalem, Book by Book

"The onus does not fall solely on the Palestinian schools in east Jerusalem facing the brunt of the pressure but also on the Palestinian Authority to fight for Jerusalem. This is primarily a matter of education but it is also about our political will. If Israel gets its way, it would have cemented one more tool supporting the claim that Jerusalem is part of Israel. This is something we as Palestinians cannot accept no matter the pressure. First grade teachers, unite and teach the young minds before you the beautiful colors of Palestine."

A new paradigm

"...the Palestinian move to the United Nations is the beginning of a process of internationalizing the conflict, with sustained international attention from officials and the public. These external voices need to act as stewards of the international community's vision of two states and international legality, removing obstacles to progress like illegal Israeli settlement expansion."

Don’t believe the hype

"...Palestinians have no plans for anything beyond peaceful public activities aimed at expressing support for the leadership's United Nations initiative. In parallel, Palestinians are undertaking a diplomatic campaign of contacting various countries to explain their legitimate intentions and to encourage a positive and constructive engagement at the UN. This is in light of the Palestinian government's success at developing and reforming its institutions, thereby attracting commendations from the World Bank and the UN. Any reports about anything more are simply part of a disinformation campaign that seeks to distort the legal and peaceful Palestinian approach."



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