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Revisiting Iran’s Green Movement

"...the plight of over 47 million Iranians who, according to a joint report by Iran’s Central Bank and Statistics Center, are now living below the line of poverty is a good case in point, as are the plights of Iran’s banking industry and foreign reserve fund, though they expose merely the tip of the iceberg."

Nothing left of Canada’s political culture

"The problem is that Canada’s political spectrum, like that of the U.S., has shifted so far to the right that rational debate and informed opposition have become delegitimized. We used to speak of “right-wing” and “left-wing” to describe political differences, but in the absence of a political centre “right” and “left” have no meaning. “Left” and “leftist” have now become epithets used to stigmatize and delegitimize those who oppose extremist “right-wing” dogmata."

The Hollow Politics of Escalation

"The essence of a core becomes evident under pressure. It’s one thing to voice opposition to sending more troops into Afghanistan -- it’s another to really try to prevent the escalation. Few in Congress have gotten serious enough about halting the war’s deadly spiral to sign onto Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s bill H.R. 3699, which would prohibit any increase in funding for additional troop deployment to Afghanistan."

The Next Phase of Healthcare Apartheid

"The California legislature has twice passed a strong single-payer bill, both times vetoed by the state’s current execrable governor. The official position of the California Democratic Party is unequivocally in favor of single-payer healthcare. And yet Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, did what she could to sabotage the single-payer position of her own party in her own state."

Affordable Health Care for Everyone: the right idea, right now

"...what people do not realize is that we are already paying for the care of the uninsured because their costs are shifted to those who do have insurance. In the long run, this bill will stabilize insurance premiums by providing coverage for the forty five million Americans who do not currently have coverage. Now is the time for Americans to stop the vitriolic exchange and have a thoughtful discussion regarding health care reform. We must do this to allow all Americans the right to a dignified and healthy future."