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Eliminating that Rallying Cry

"The phrase “Oppression breeds extremism” is not psycho-babble. It’s the reality. As the vice keeps tightening on Gaza and as the alienation from the rest of the world increases, so does the desperation and turning toward religious extremists. This happens everywhere; Gaza is no exception.
Supporters of Israel who have been gleeful at the Palestinian internal chaos ought to consider two points."

Bailing out Corporations but not Pensioners is Immoral

"Bailing out pensioners would help both workers and the economy. The money that workers and their families would receive from the government would be spent on creating jobs, or at least slowing down the rising unemployment rate."

These Projects Are Shovel-Ready, All Right

"Call me old-fashioned, but when I gaze upon all of this booty, I don’t see stimulus; I see rip-off. The Democrats are using the alleged crisis as the pretext for a monumental looting of the taxpayers (present and future) in the service of rewarding--whuda thunk?--the interest groups that put them in power."

Time and negotiations

"Time might be a factor, but after decades of delays and procrastination it certainly is not the only factor. Unfortunately, however, delays affect mostly Palestinians under occupation while allowing the occupiers to continue their illegal settlement expansion, thus negatively affecting a future solution."

Skills shortage is a euphemism for "we need more white people"

"People should not be hired based only on their degrees. There are a range of other factors, according to Government, that should be taken into account. These include prior learning, previous experience and capacity to acquire competence in a reasonable time."



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